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English follows Japanese:



本研究室では特に問題解決能力、プレゼンテーション能力の向上を中心とした教育を行い、世界で活躍できる人材の育成を目指します。また修士課程では、欧米を中心に短期研究留学に挑戦することを推進しています(今年度はドイツ・Jacobs Universityに修士学生3名が4ヶ月間の研究留学中)。





Thank you for your interest in our laboratory.

We are investigating vast area of communication technologies in order to make our world more fascinating. We are now working on several projects on RF energy harvesting, cooperative communications, rateless coding, and advanced network coding in collaboration with professors and researchers not only in Japan but also in foreign countries such as Germany, Korea, United States, and so on.

Thus, our laboratory applicants should be:

  • able to work with people with different cultures;
  • able to work in an engineering environment; and
  • proficient at computer programming and/or mathematics

f you are interested in working with me, please join an AWCC orientation that will be held at 2:00pm at room 319 in E-10 building on Nov. 21 or 22 and get contact with me via email.