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Young Researcher Paper Award

本研究室の原くんが情報理論とその応用シンポジウム若手研究者論文賞(Symposium on Information Theory and its Applications Young Researcher Paper Award)を受賞しました.[詳細]

Our member, Takanori Hara received the Symposium on Information Theory and its Applications Young Researcher Paper Award. [more]

2019 IEICE RCS Active Research Award

本研究室の原くんが2019年度電子情報通信学会 無線通信システム(RCS)研究会奨励賞(2019 IEICE RCS Active Research Award)を受賞しました.[詳細]

Our member, Takanori Hara received the 2019 IEICE RCS Active Research Award.[more]

令和元年度 学生表彰


Our members, Takanori, Kazuya, Ryuhei and Masaru were awarded for their outstanding academic performance.


Our members, Masaru Oinaga (right) and Ryota Yatsu (left) received the Meguro-kai Award for their outstanding academic performances. Congrats.

2019 active research award in Smart radio

Our member, Takanori and Hiroki, received 2019 Active Research Award in Smart Radio. [more]






Presented at IEICE SeMI @ Online

本研究室の追永くんがオンラインで開催されたIEICE SeMI研究会にて発表を行いました。

Our member, Masaru, has presented our recent work in the IEICE SeMI conference held online.
The title of the presentation was “Irregular Frameless ALOHA Based on Geometric Structure of Devices.”[more]


Presented at IEICE RCS @ Hiroshima CYC

本研究室の大比良くん、原くんが広島市青少年センターにて開催されたIEICE RCS研究会にて発表を行いました。



Our members, Kazuya and Takanori, gave a presentation at IEICE RCS Conference held at Hiroshima City Youth Center, Hiroshima, Japan.

The presentation given by Kazuya, which was an encouragement presentat, was titled “Aggregate-Compression-Aided Subcarrier IQ Index Modulation With Discreteness-Aware Fast Iterative Shrinkage-Thresholding Algorithm.” [more]

The presentation given by Takanori was titled “Active User Detection for Uplink Grant-Free Non-Orthogonal Multiple Access in The Presence of Carrier Frequency Offsets.”[more]


Presented at ICOIN 2020

Prof. Ishibashi and our lab members attended IEEE International Conference on Information Networking (ICOIN) held at Barcelona, Spain. [link]

Our members, Takanori, and Masaru presented their recent works.

Title: Grant-Free NOMA Using Approximate Message Passing with Multi-Measurement Vector


Title: Received-Power-Aware Frameless ALOHA for Grant-Free Non-orthogonal Multiple Access




Presented at Tokushima Univ.

本研究室の原くんが徳島大学にて開催されたIEICE RCS研究会にて発表を行いました。

Our member, Takanori, gave a presentation at IEICE RCS Conference held at Tokushima University, Tokushima, Japan.
Title of the presentation was “A Study on Active User Detection and Channel Estimation for Grant-Free Non-Orthogonal Multiple Access based on OFDM.”[more]