IEEE Distinguished Lecturer Program

IMG_0014Dr. Fan Bai (IEEE fellow, General Motors Corporation) gave a exciting lecture as IEEE Distinguished Lecturer at our research center, which was supported by IEEE VTS Japan Chapter.

Title : Information Centric Networking on Wheels (IC NoW) –  Architecture and Protocols
Abstract : Recent developments in the automotive industry point to a new emerging domain of vehicular wireless networks, in which vehicles equipped with radios can communicate a wide range of information to each other and the wider Internet, including traffic and safety updates as well as infotainment content.  In this talk, I will discuss how to develop a hybrid network architecture for such vehicular networks which combines both the existing cellular infrastructure as well as new vehicle-to-vehicle (V2V) communication capabilities. The hypothesis is that such a hybrid network architecture will improve cost, capacity and robustness, compared to either a purely centralized cellular-based approach or a purely distributed V2V approach. Under a hybrid architecture, we aim to design information-centric protocols for information dissemination, aggregation, and storage that can exploit the spatio-temporally localized nature of vehicular applications.