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Invited talk at IEICE MIKA @ Hokkaido Univ.

石橋准教授は北海道大学で開催された「革新的無線通信技術に関する横断型研究会」(MIKA 2019)で、「グラントフリー非直交多元接続: モノのインターネット時代におけるランダムアクセス」という題目で招待講演を行いました。[詳細]

Presented at WPNC 2018

Prof. Ishibashi gave an invited keynote talk titled “Machines Talk Freely: Graph-based Design for Distributed Wireless Communications” at 15th Workshop on Positioning, Navigation and Communications (WPNC) held at Bremen, Germany.

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Our members, Shun, Kazuya and Masaru also presented their recent results.

Title: Coded Frameless ALOHAIMG_2685.JPG

Title: Aggregate-Compression-Aided Subcarrier IQ Index Modulation

Title: ZigZag Decodable Coded Slotted ALOHA

Recent News

Prof. Ishibashi gave a requested talk about graph-based communication theory at IEICE RCS in Osaka, Japan.

12541160_1107297995971803_2768628039167653061_n12439488_1107298002638469_7976287270056296048_nAlso, our member, Shun and Hiroki, presented their new results respectively about frameless ALOHA and opportunistic relaying at IEICE SR in Nagasaki, Japan.

Special Guest Lecture @ Jacobs University Bremen

Professor Ishibashi gave a special guest lecture about RF energy harvesting and cooperative communications at Jacobs University Bremen in Bremen, Germany on Dec 8, 2014.

Abstract: In this talk, we provide an overview of radio frequency (RF) energy harvesting technology, which scavenges the energy from ambient radio signals. As an example of wireless-powered cooperative diversity, we introduce dynamic-harvest-and-forward (DHF) cooperation which enables to obtain diversity gain with consuming neither extra energy nor extra bandwidth by exploiting the relay’s proximity advantage over the destination. We analyze the DHF cooperation from the aspect of diversity-multiplexing tradeoff (DMT) and prove that it can achieve diversity order of two. Also, some open issues regarding cooperative diversity with RF energy harvesting are presented.

Further details can be found in the following link: