Visitors from Korea

Members of CNN laboratory in Dankook University and Prof. Won-Yong Shin are now visiting our laboratory. They will stay two weeks for collaboration. Welcome!!

韓国Dankook大学の通信ネットワーク研究所のWon-Yong Shin教授と学生4名が共同研究のため,本研究室に2週間滞在します.

Presented at SITA2017


Our members, Shun, Ryo, and Yuki, have presented their recent results at 40th Symposium on Information Theory and its Application (SITA) at Shibata, Niigata.

Title: Distance-Aware Design of Transmission Probability for Frameless ALOHA

Title: Receiver-Initiated MAC Protocol with Distributed Intermittent-Interval Control Based on Energy Inflow-Outflow

Title: A Study on Energy-Efficient Random Sleep Protocol Based on Distributed Coding in Practical Environment