Horizon 2020 – 5G and Beyond

戦略的情報通信研究開発推進事業(国際標準獲得型研究開発) 日欧共同研究5G(アプリケーション)に、AWCC(藤井研究室、石橋(功)研究室、安達研究室)の提案が採択されました。

研究課題開発名「稠密環境におけるモバイルブロードバンド アクセスネットワークの5Gによる高度化の 研究開発(5G-Enhance)」

Our project has been selected as EU-Japan Joint Project of Horizon 2020 – 5G and Beyond. A title of the project is “5G Enhanced Mobile Broadband Access Networks in Crowded Environments (5G-Enhance)”.

Awarded for Outstanding Academic Performances.


Our members, Akihide D. Shigyo (right) and Ryuhei Takahashi (left) received the Meguro-kai Award for their outstanding academic performances. Congrats.


Visitors from Norway

35 students, 1 postdoc, and 2 professors from Norwegian University of Science and Technology visited our research center. Students actively asked good questions, and we had a good time.


Visitors from Korea

Members of CNN laboratory in Dankook University and Prof. Won-Yong Shin are now visiting our laboratory. They will stay two weeks for collaboration. Welcome!!

韓国Dankook大学の通信ネットワーク研究所のWon-Yong Shin教授と学生4名が共同研究のため,本研究室に2週間滞在します.

Presented at SITA2017


Our members, Shun, Ryo, and Yuki, have presented their recent results at 40th Symposium on Information Theory and its Application (SITA) at Shibata, Niigata.

Title: Distance-Aware Design of Transmission Probability for Frameless ALOHA

Title: Receiver-Initiated MAC Protocol with Distributed Intermittent-Interval Control Based on Energy Inflow-Outflow

Title: A Study on Energy-Efficient Random Sleep Protocol Based on Distributed Coding in Practical Environment

Presented at IEICE SmartCom2017@Rome

Our members, Shun Ogata and Tatsuhiro Kawaguchi, have presented their recent results on IEICE SmartCom 2017 at Rome, and Shun has won the Best Student Paper Award.

Title: Received-Power-Aware Design of Transmission Probability for Frameless ALOHA [Best Student Paper Award]

Titile: Experimental Evaluation of Condition-Aware Receiver-Initiated MAC Protocol for Energy-Harvesting Wireless Sensor Networks

Visiting University of Southampton

Our members, Kazuya and Takanori, are now visiting Prof. Lajos Hanzo’s laboratory in University of Southampton in UK. They will stay three months for collaboration.


Presented at IEEE SPAWC2017

Our member, Shun Ogata, has presented our recent results on 2017 IEEE 18th International Workshop on Signal Processing Advances in Wireless Communications (SPAWC).
Title: Multi-Access Diversity Gain via Multiple Base Station Cooperation in Frameless ALOHA