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令和2年度 学生表彰


Our members, Takanori, Naoya, Jun and Ryota were awarded for their outstanding academic performance.

Accepted for Publication in the IEEE Access

本研究室の廣澤くんの論文「Minimizing Age of Information in Energy Harvesting Wireless Sensor Networks」がIEEE Access (IF 3.745)に採録されました。

Naoya’s paper entitled “Minimizing Age of Information in Energy Harvesting Wireless Sensor Networks” has been accepted for publication in the IEEE Access (IF 3.745).

Presented at CAMSAP 2019

Our member,  Naoya,  gave a presentation at CAMSAP 2019 held at Le Gosier, Guadeloupe, French West Indies.

The title of the presentation was “Age-of-Information Minimization in Two-User Multiple Access Channel with Energy Harvesting.”

Presented at IEICE RCS @ Miyakojima

本研究室の原くん、岡部くん、廣澤くんが宮古島にて開催されたIEICE RCS研究会にて発表を行いました。


Our members, Takanori, Ryo, and Naoya, have presented their recent results in IEICE RCS conference held at Miyakojima, Okinawa.
There were 52 presentations given by beginners at “Special Sessions for Beginners”, in both 10 mins oral presentation and 80 mins poster session.
In addition, 12 general and invited sessions were made.

Takanori presented at a general session, while Ryo and Naoya presented  at “Special Sessions for Beginners”.

Title: Channel Estimation and Data Detection for Grant-Free Multiple Access Using Vector Approximate Message Passing

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Title: A Study on Energy-Efficient Design of Irregular Repetition Slotted ALOHA with Stochastic Power Control


Title: A Study on Age-of-Information Minimization in Two-User Multiple Access Channel with Energy Harvesting