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Accepted for Publication in the IEEE Access

本研究室所属の原くん,卒業生の高橋くんの論文「Ambient OFDM Pilot-Aided Backscatter Communications: Concept and Design」がIEEE Access (IF 3.745)に採録されました。[詳細]

Takanori and Ryuhei’s paper entitled “Ambient OFDM Pilot-Aided Backscatter Communications: Concept and Design” has been accepted for publication in the IEEE Access (IF 3.745). [available  here]

令和元年度 学生表彰


Our members, Takanori, Kazuya, Ryuhei and Masaru were awarded for their outstanding academic performance.

Presented at SITA 2019

Our members, Takanori, Hiroki, Masaru, and Ryuhei  have presented their recent works in 42nd Symposium on Information Theory and its Application (SITA) at Kirishima, Kagoshima, Japan.


Takanori’s Presentation Title:
Low-Complexity Grant-Free Non-Orthogonal Multiple Access Based on Approximate Message Passing

Hiroki’s Presentation Title:
Design of Discreteness-Aware Linear MMSE Filter

Masaru’s Presentation Title:
On ZigZag-Decoder-Aided Coded Slotted ALOHA

超低電力通信のための OFDM 既知信号を用いた
Ryuhei’s Presentation Title:
OFDM Pilot-Aided Delay-Shift Keying and
Its Optimal Detection for Ultra-Low Power Communications


Presented at GlobalSIP 2019

Our member, Ryuhei, has presented our recent results on IEEE GlobalSIP 2019 held at Shaw Centre, Ottawa, Canada .

The title of the presentation was “Ambient OFDM Pilot-Aided Delay-Shift Keying and Its Efficient Detection for Ultra Low-Power Communications.”

[view full program]

Presented at WCNC

Prof. Ishibashi and our lab members attended IEEE Wireless Communications and Networking Conference (WCNC) held at Marrakesh, Morocco. [link]


Our members, Takanori, Hiroki and Ryuhei presented their recent works.

Title: On the Sum-Rate Capacity and Spectral Efficiency Gains of Massively Concurrent NOMA System

Title: Transmission Strategies in Imperfect Bi-directional Full-Duplex MIMO Systems

iOS の画像 (1).jpg

Title: Design of Communication Systems for Wireless-Powered Communications with Multiple Frequency Bands



Best Presentation Award at IEICE RCS

大比良和哉くん(左)がIEICE RCS研究会「初めての研究会」にて、最優秀発表賞を、追永 大くん(右)が優秀発表賞(第2位)をそれぞれ受賞致しました。平成30年度の初めての研究会では過去最多の39件の講演があり、10分の口頭発表および90分のポスター発表により審査が行われ、1件が最優秀発表賞、5件が優秀発表賞として表彰されました.学会および表彰の様子はコチラ

Our member, Kazuya Ohira (left), received the Best Presentation Award of Special Session for Beginners at IEICE RCS conference and Masaru Oinaga (right) received the Excellent Presentation Award (2nd position).  This year, 39 papers have been presented in the session. Every papers were evaluated through 10 mins short presentation and 90 mins poster presentation.

Awarded for Outstanding Academic Performances.


Our members, Akihide D. Shigyo (right) and Ryuhei Takahashi (left) received the Meguro-kai Award for their outstanding academic performances. Congrats.