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平成30年度 学生表彰


Our members, Shun, Kazuya, Tatsuhiro and Masaru were awarded for their outstanding academic performance.


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(From left to right: Shun, Masaru, Tatsuhiro, Kazuya)

2018 Special Technical Award in Smart Radio

Kawaguchi, Tanabe, and Ishibashi won 2018 Special Technical Award in Smart Radio.

川口、田邉、石橋が、2019年3月8日に神奈川県横須賀市で開催された電子情報通信学会スマート無線(SR)研究会において、2018年度スマート無線(SR)研究会 技術特別賞を受賞しました。

[技術展示] Energy-Neutral Receiver-Initiated (ENRI) MACプロトコルに基づくバッテリーレス無線センサネットワーク

Presented at SITA 2018

Prof. Ishibashi and our lab members attended 41st Symposium on Information Theory and its Application (SITA) at Fukushima, Japan.

Prof. Ishibashi gave an invited talk titled “Theory and Practice of Wireless Communications with Stochastic Power Source” for “Lectures for Young Researchers”.

Our members, Shun, Kazuya, Tatsuhiro, and Takanori also presented their recent works.




Presented at SmartCom 2018

Our member, Tatsuhiro, has presented our recent results on 5th International Workshop on Smart Wireless Communications (SmartCom) held at Bangkok, Thailand.

Title of the poster presentation was “Empirical Model of Distributed Photovoltaics for Energy-Harvesting Wireless Communications”.

Presented at IEICE SmartCom2017@Rome

Our members, Shun Ogata and Tatsuhiro Kawaguchi, have presented their recent results on IEICE SmartCom 2017 at Rome, and Shun has won the Best Student Paper Award.

Title: Received-Power-Aware Design of Transmission Probability for Frameless ALOHA [Best Student Paper Award]

Titile: Experimental Evaluation of Condition-Aware Receiver-Initiated MAC Protocol for Energy-Harvesting Wireless Sensor Networks